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Film and Video Production
ByungWook Kwon

YongPil Choi as Chief Director

YongPil Choi is a Visual Artist. He had majored in Graphic Advertisement Design at the high school, and at the university specialized in Fine Art, Animation and Video-Art. In 2006, He was chosen officially as one of Best 5 Young-Artists in South Korea. In addition to, a couple of his Films and an Animation were invited from some film festivals in South Korea. He has already made over 100 Home-Shopping Commercial Films and plenty of Films, Musicals and Theatricals as a Director.
After graduating from New York Film Academy (1Yr Film Making), he has been making Films and Commercial Films.

ByungWook Kwon

ByungWook Kwon as Producer

ByungWook Kwon, after graduating university, used to be a freelance photographer in documentary and portrait in South Korea. He exhibited and Published a collection of Photographs, “DamYang” Documentary Photograph with comrades in 2006. Since 2008, he has formed networking in order to get involved in film industry as a producer in the USA. Therefore New York Film Academy was his stepping-stone, and then during this time he has concentrated on film, commercial film and music video as a producer and a still photographer.